Love To Garden: Mint

It's really a joy to grow things yourself, harvest and enjoy eating them. Or to simply revel in the beauty of flowers you planted and grew on your own. My garden is real source of pleasure, entertainment, and of course work. But the work is worth it when I get to enjoy the fruits of... Continue Reading →

Pickled peppers

Like a bit of heat and versatility in your meals and summer drinks? Try these incredibly easy pickled jalapeno peppers to spice up your life! Recently our family came to visit, which meant lazy days at the lake, wiener roasts and burgers and easy meals. But our family also likes a bit of spice and heat,... Continue Reading →

Tequila that won’t kill ya

For some reason, I have vivid memories of watching the men’s gold medal hockey game from the Vancouver Olympics four years ago. It’s likely because it was an exciting game with an overtime victory for Canada. But I also remember us celebrating with a few shots from a fine bottle of tequila we had just... Continue Reading →

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