My name is Ardith Stephanson and I live Saskatchewan, Canada. I’m a freelance writer with a degree in journalism and communications and over 30 years of writing experience. By combining my outstanding writing skills with today’s technology that allows me to work remotely, and my attention to details and deadlines, I meet the needs of an array of clients, in a variety of ways.


My education and background is journalism and communications, and I have written everything from newspaper articles to speeches, funding proposals to promotional materials. I have extensive experience in a variety of strategic communications areas, including media and public relations, and marketing.

My business is now focused on writing blog posts and website content, with expertise in Search Engine Optimization and content marketing. I have also managed social media like Facebook and Twitter, handled content management for clients, designed strategic campaigns, and managed platforms like WordPress.

My biggest focus is writing blog posts and articles, which I do for a variety of clients. In all instances, I follow the specifications of each client, to exceed their expectations and help customers find their websites.

Here are some samples:

I’ve even been published in Spanish!

Another focus is writing website content, helping clients create great content to draw customers to their business. I have written all the content for the following websites,  following specific keyword guidelines from the clients:

I have also done the following work:

  • Writing product reviews
  • Managing the web content strategy for several clients, including content planning, keyword focus, and writing and posting the content
  • Writing modules for an education site, which consisted of preparing multiple choice exams with reference resources on two topics: Leadership, and Time Management and Productivity
  • Writing web content for a marketing consultant’s website, Buchanan Incorporated.
  • Writing specialized website content for varied clients such as kitchen and cooking to home maintenance to financial advisors to online marketing; some of these clients pay me to be a “ghost writer,” so my name does not appear
  • Writing with a focus on content marketing, brand journalism and Search Engine Optimization
  • Editing and re-writing website content
  • Re-vamping a WordPress website, including writing content and re-doing the site structure: Aldebaran Coaching and Consulting
  • Writing marketing material in the form of user manuals
  • As always, this personal blog where I write for my enjoyment

I have run a successful communications business in the past and I’m a national award-winner in communications, so I’m sure I can help you or someone you know. I ask that if you know anyone who may need my services, please pass along my information.

You can follow me on Instagram: @theardizan, Twitter: @theardizan , LIKE me on Facebook or sign up to follow this blog and get my posts delivered directly to you. I also have a Linked In profile. I look forward to hearing from you!


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