My name is Ardith Stephanson and I live Saskatchewan, Canada. I’m a freelance writer with a journalism and communications background. By combining today’s technology that allows me to work remotely, with my attention to details and deadlines, I meet the needs of an array of clients, in a variety of ways.


My education and background is journalism and I have 30 years of writing experience. I have written everything from newspaper articles to speeches, funding proposals to promotional materials. I have extensive experience in a variety of strategic communications areas, including media and public relations, and marketing.

Most recently, I have expanded into blog and website writing, with a focus on Search Engine Optimization and content marketing. I have also managed social media like Facebook and Twitter, designed strategic campaigns, and managed platforms like WordPress.

My biggest focus is writing blog articles, which I do for a variety of clients. Here are some samples:

I’ve even been published in Spanish!

I also write website content, with recent clients including Torch Down Roofing NYC and Brooklyn Bathroom Remodel, for which I wrote all their content using specific keyword guidelines.

See below for links to more samples.

I have also done the following work:

  • Writing product reviews
  • Managing the web content strategy for several clients, including content planning, keyword focus, and writing and posting the content
  • Writing modules for the education site Overwrite, which consisted of preparing multiple choice exams with reference resources on two topics: Leadership, and Time Management and Productivity
  • Writing specialized website content for varied clients such as kitchen and cooking to home maintenance to financial advisors to online marketing; some of these clients pay me to be a “ghost writer,” so my name does not appear
  • Writing with a focus on content marketing, brand journalism and Search Engine Optimization
  • Editing and re-writing website content
  • Re-vamping a WordPress website, including writing content and re-doing the site structure: Aldebaran Coaching and Consulting
  • Writing marketing material in the form of user manuals
  • As always, this personal blog where I write for my enjoyment

I have run a successful communications business in the past and I’m a national award-winner in communications, so I’m sure I can help you or someone you know. I ask that if you know anyone who may need my services, please pass along my information.

To read some of my recent work, besides the “fun” stuff I like to write for this blog, here are some samples:

Stay tuned for more!

You can follow me on Instagram: @theardizan, Twitter: @theardizan , LIKE me on Facebook or sign up to follow this blog and get my posts delivered directly to you. I also have a Linked In profile.




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