The Northern Dream

It must be the old newspaper reporter in me.

My writing these days is all online. Much of my work involves “ghost writing,” so nobody knows it’s me who wrote a blog post or website content. For those clients who publish with my byline, it is fun to see my name associated with my work.

But to see my name in a printed magazine, one the quality of Cabo Living, was a real treat this spring. Even better was the subject matter, a Canadian yacht owner who played junior hockey in my home province of Saskatchewan. It is a small world, but this is a big boat! I had to publish this and show it off, so enjoy reading about this splendid watercraft and its even more splendid owner, who was a gracious host and a great person with which to enjoy a long visit.

And wasn’t it funny when the week following my interview with Barry, the yacht drove by us when we were paddle boarding….

NOTE: You can either download the PDF, or simply click below and scroll through the article online without downloading. Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. Hi Ardith – WOW!! What a “boat”that is!! Your article is awesome. It must have seemed surreal to spent a day on the Northern Dream, with the owner.
    The meal looks scrumptious.
    Excellent job, Ardith❤️

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