What I’ve been up to

Happy holidays to everyone! Here’s to a great year ahead.

It’s been a while since I’ve contributed to this site, writing “for fun” and for myself. That’s mostly because I’ve been busy with some great clients. Oh, and paddle boarding – I bet that photo got your attention. That’s the famous arch at the tip of Baja Peninsula, at Land’s End.

Back to my writing. I thought I would share some links to the client I’ve enjoyed working with over the last few months. Here’s are a few samples.

If you’ve made a lot of memories this holiday season, or you have some traditions you want to remember and pass along, how about using memoryKPR and these top 7 best ways to capture your family’s holiday traditions. I enjoyed writing this one as I researched holidays and traditions besides what we celebrate – Christmas – to include as many December holidays as possible.

This digital platform for preserving memories (more than just photos!) makes me especially proud because it’s a Saskatchewan startup and co-founded by women. Check it out when you have a chance, and be sure to read the blog for ideas on doing a digital time capsule for your baby, capturing a senior’s story, the importance of storing your photos digitally, and more.

Another Canadian company I’ve enjoyed learning about and writing for is Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation. This alternative lender is a family-run success story, founded by Everett Koeller in 1975. They support real estate investors, mortgage brokers and individual investors. Calvert Home Mortgage operates in Alberta and Ontario.

Their site includes resources I’ve written for them, like how to get out of debt, and facts about bridge financing.

Circuit is an interesting client as I’ve learned about the booming business of delivery drivers and couriers. The online shopping explosion and increases to food and grocery delivery have increased the need for drivers all over the world, and Circuit is a route-planning app that’s ideal for optimizing multi-stop routes. I’ve written posts about truck driving as a career, how to be an independent courier contractor, and watching for the signs of stress if you drive for a living.

That writing led me to a new client in Gophr, which provides delivery services in the UK. I’ve just started with a few pieces about supporting florists and same-day printers.

There’s also Backyard Fanatic, a fun site for which I’ve written about backyard makeovers, gardens and more. This is a great fit for me since I love my own backyard.

There are others, for which I usually serve as a ghost writer, or handle press releases or other items that don’t include my byline.

Thanks for listening. I’ll do my best to write more on this site “for fun” in 2022. All the best to everyone for a safe and healthy new year.

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