New Beginnings

Photo courtesy Mark Donaldson

There’s something magical about spring.

It’s true that where we live, every season brings its own beauty and joy.

The sun and heat of summer, lake life, water sports, golf and gardening, and those long, warm evenings, sometimes with a thunderstorm for entertainment.

Autumn with its stunning colours, bountiful harvest, bright sunny days and cooler nights.

And even winter, with the crunch of snow underfoot, cooler temps and the chance to do some different outdoor activities.

But then there’s spring, and its promise of new beginnings. 

The first buds appear on the trees. The migratory birds return, one at a time. Those of us who are bird nerds keep track of their arrival. The days get longer and the sun gets higher and warmer.

We wintered in Mexico for six years before spending this winter at home. It’s nice to escape the cold, but I always like coming home in April. Sure, there are those spring snowstorms, and cold and windy days that make you wonder when winter will ever end.

This year, we got a massive snowfall at the end of March. But it disappears fast in the spring, which tantalizes us with the occasional hot day reminiscent of summer.

There’s so much to look forward to with the new beginnings of springtime.

Spring is time to plan the garden and get ready to plant

Spring is time to clean up from last year and prepare for new growth in the yard. 

Spring is time to clean off the golf clubs and start booking tee times! 

Spring is when the sun is warm but not stifling. When open windows still bring in a cool breeze. 

If you work full time, spring is when you start to look forward to summer vacation.

The change of seasons is one of nature’s gifts to us. Enjoy them all. 

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