Road trip to La Paz

A road trip with new experiences is always fun. So we set out to explore the city of La Paz and area and spent three days enjoying new adventures. La Paz is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. The city is located in a beautiful bay, and the popular centre... Continue Reading →

Lessons of a road trip

    A recent and extremely long road trip provided some good lessons, also applicable to life. These are all good hints if you’re driving, but equally as important in everyday life, professional and personal. Start early, end early. We made the mistake of leaving late one day, and had to drive a treacherous road... Continue Reading →

Road trippin’

Some of the most classic movies are about road trips. We made our own movie recently with a road trip of immense proportions – 6,192 kilometres, which, for my American readers, is 3,847 miles. That was 18 days in total, and 12 days in the car. And what a trip. From Midwest Canada to the... Continue Reading →

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