NYC delights Part 2

New York City

It’s been a while coming for the second installment of our New York City taste experience. Summer weather makes it harder to sit inside and write!

Our other highlight of New York was the Italian food. There are great place everywhere, like Coppola’s on the Upper West Side, but Little Italy is a must-see, must-taste.

We wandered through Little Italy one evening, finally choosing to sit at an outdoor café. It was beautiful out, and a perfect location for a great dinner and some NYC people watching!


And what a meal. Nothing compares to the fresh milk-fed veal, lightly breaded and fried. We had it twice while there. Don’t cringe, veal is amazing. We are not talking grainy cutlets. We are talking thin, tender, melt in your mouth cutlets. Couple that with some pasta tossed with olive oil and garlic chips, and arugula salad with a zesty vinaigrette…and of course some red wine. Heaven!

After a meal like that a walk was in order, but mostly to make our visit to Little Italy complete – by getting some cannoli, the Italian pastry dessert that is equally amazing.

It is a good thing we walked a lot in New York, with the culinary selection available (and consumed!) More to come!


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