We are all winners!

boxing entrance

So, you’re probably wondering, how the heck did the boxing go?

“We heard about the boxing, you wrote about the boxing, but you never told us the outcome of the boxing?”

OK maybe it hasn’t been keeping you up at night, but maybe you’re curious, and I haven’t had much time to write. That’s changed.

So as an update, the boxing was amazing!

When I signed up in September of this year to be part of Kiss the Canvas, my commitment was to three things: raise money for Regina Palliative Care Inc., train three nights a week for two-plus months, and compete in a certified boxing competition in November.

boxing debut

First off, the fundraising. Thanks to my many supporters, my fundraising night, and businesses who donated prizes,  I made – actually surpassed – my fundraising goal of $5,000. My final total was $5,025. That money goes directly to support end-of-life programs in Regina, and for that I am really proud.

Second, the training. The coaches at Lonsdale Boxing Club put us through a gruelling but amazing training program. Friends told me that boxing is the toughest training and there were many nights I believed them, as I fought not to pass out from the cardio and strength training! But knowing there were seven other women at the club, and our volunteer coaches waiting for me, got me to the club many evenings when I would have rather gone home. I got in great shape and felt great.

Finally, the event. It’s pretty tough to describe the feeling of rushing out from the curtains to a cheering crowd, and then stepping in the ring for three rounds of a gruelling battle against a superior opponent. To see and hear my friends and family, dressed up in blue to support me, meant so much. It really was an experience not to be duplicated again. I am so glad I did it.

boxing sparring

So my boxing career begins and ends with a 0-1 record, but the experience was so much bigger than who won and who lost. There were four winners and four losers that night, and although it sounds corny, I would argue we are all winners. We raised an amazing amount of money for palliative care, we made friendships that will last a lifetime – with each other and our coaches – we put our bodies and our wills to an ultimate test, and we survived and relished it all. I know I am better for that experience.

Just don’t expect me in the ring again soon. My massage therapist told me I am a little too old to take up boxing full time!

boxing punch

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