Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

In honour of my mommy, I thought I would share last year’s Mother’s Day post. The messages still ring true. Love you Mom!

Somebody, somewhere (likely a flower shop owner) came up with the idea of Mother’s Day. Such events are a boon for card stores, flower shops, and long distance telephone companies (although who doesn’t bundle, Skype or FaceTime these days?)

However, it is more than worth taking a special day to reflect on the impact of those special people in our lives who warrant their own day – like our Mothers this weekend. Moms should get more than one day a year, so here’s hoping we all take the opportunity on more than this occasion to say “thanks.”

My mom has had a tremendous impact on my life but I probably don’t tell her often enough. She has always been there for me, and for my family. She still is!

She is also the reason for my love of good food, and especially of home cooking. My mother is an exceptional cook, and has taught me so many of her specialties. We never wanted for a good meal, and we always sat down together to enjoy them. Her mother passed that on to her, and between the two of them, my childhood was filled with many memories for which I am grateful.

Like coming home from school to mom’s fresh baked bread. The first loaf we ate was always the one she baked in a coffee tin, browned from many times in the oven. Often there was homemade jam for the bread, and that first loaf never got to cool before we ate it.

Or the Christmas dinners she would labour over for hours (she always hosted); the dinner parties her and dad would throw (which meant mom cooked and dad entertained the guests).

The perogies that she made, and grandma made, that remain the best ever. There were other doughy delights from grandma’s Polish culture, like peroski, little buns filled with sauerkraut and bacon. Or grandma’s “twisters,” deep fried dough sprinkled in icing sugar. Mom’s special casseroles that are still the best comfort food.

If I had to name a favourite, I don’t know that I could. I think the favourite would be the values and principles that I learned from my mom. Be grateful that we can go to a grocery store and afford food that nourishes us. Gather your family at the table to enjoy time together (when dad worked shift work those meals would often be at noon, but we would still have a family dinner). Some of the best times are with friends or family gathered around the table, enjoying a special homemade meal.

On this day we take the time to recognize our Moms and the impact they have had on our lives. But they really live in us on every day of the year. Thanks for everything Mom!

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