Ohhh the food!

A traditional pretzel becomes a sandwich


I’m sure people who visit Switzerland all comment on the quality of the food.

I’ve done my best to try a few local favourites, to expand my dining horizons while we spend a week in Bern.

To start the day, the coffee is outstanding. People who don’t like strong coffee may not be too crazy about it. I love it. There is also a variety available at the hotel – espresso, of course, but also cappuccino, plain strong coffee, and tea.

The cheese selection here is also outstanding, as expected. I like just walking through the grocery store and enjoying the aromas, while browsing the huge variety of cheeses, hard and soft and in between. There really is something for everyone, and don’t even think about eating processed cheese!

The breads and pastries are also a delight, and there is a variety of meat, although it seems that prusciutto (which they call ham) and a version of salami are most popular. Bratwurst does not seem as popular as I expected, but we have been able to find some tasty choices.

The dessert selection looks delicious, although I have tried to avoid dessert because I am consuming everything else. There are many varieties of ice creams, tortes and cakes, and of course Swiss chocolate. I have to admit, I have been eating the chocolate. How could I resist?

Ron has enjoyed being in the land of schnitzel, something he loves from his German heritage. The meat is pounded thin and then fried, with or without breading. He has already had pork schnitzel (not breaded), port wiener schnitzel (breaded) and veal wiener schnitzel (breaded). We have had a pretzel sandwich, enjoyed spatzl (fried dough pieces) and tried rosti (thinly sliced fried potatoes).

Perhaps because of the mixture of cultures here, there are not just German inspired dishes. Many restaurants have plenty of pasta choices, including gnocci and risotto. One night I had a delightful gorgonzola ravioli with pears, walnuts and brown butter sauce. A perfect combination of Italian inspired pasta with Swiss cheese inside. There are restaurants from many countries around the world, and all seem to enjoy regular clientele. And of course the outdoor cafes are a delight, where one can enjoy a beer or wine, sit in the sun, and people watch.

Bratwurst, rosti with onion sauce, and beer

Next up…a true Swiss meal of fondue and raclette.

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