The adventure continues


Oberstdorf, Germany
The beautiful village of Oberstdorf, Germany

Our Europe trip is now continuing in Germany, as we left Switzerland via train a couple of days ago.

What a wonderful way to travel – watching a beautiful countryside from the comfort of a train.

However, the changes we had to make were not as enjoyable as the ride, since we did have to lug our suitcases on and off the train several times. But it is great to have a schedule and know that the train will arrive and depart on time, and we will reach our destination as promised.

We got to see some of the beautiful lakes of Switzerland and of course the mountains, but also farmland, vineyards, orchards and cows.

And then we crossed into Germany and reached our destination of Oberstdorf, where we have settled into a great little flat for five days.

Oberstdorf, Germany
Flowers and greenery adorn each home in Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf is a quaint, beautiful, quiet mountain village in the Bavarian area of Allgau, close to the border with Austria. We are lucky to have friends who live here and he toured us up both sides of the mountain, to peaks overlooking the village and for miles around. We put in over six kilometres of walking, plus took rides on cable cars, ski lifts, a taxi and a bus.

We have already enjoyed walking the cobblestone streets of the town, which has a population of about 9,000. It is a popular tourist destination, with hiking and cycling trails, and in the winter, skiing and hiking.

There is even a world-class ski jump and we were able to take elevators to the top. I have a new appreciation for the sport.

We have enjoyed wonderful meals and of course a few beers, and are looking forward to more days in Oberstdorf.

Panorama of the mountainside

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