The Rules Have Changed

The rules have changed.

Or maybe it’s better to realize there no longer are rules.

What we thought was the way of the world even two short weeks ago is no longer reality.

Who would have guessed that we could be in lockdown, asked to stay apart, and directed not go to work?

Who would have guessed that so many regular parts of life, like getting together with friends and family, would no longer exist? For now, at least.

Who would gave imagined us returning home and having to stay in our house, not even leaving the yard?

Who would have thought our major roads and highways would be almost empty?

Who would have guessed that entire sports leagues would cancel their seasons, along with Broadway, concerts and other major gatherings? Who would have predicted that the Olympics would be postponed?

Who could imagine restaurants closed and airlines ceasing operation?

Who would have thought that people would respond by stockpiling toilet paper, of all things?

This pandemic has changed our world, likely forever. I will always wash my hands using this new method that I’ve learned. I will be more appreciative of the neighbours who have offered to help in this critical time.

I will always be grateful to health care workers, first responders, police, and others on the front line. Thank you to grocery store workers and truck drivers for transporting our goods and stocking the shelves.

And don’t forget airport workers, flight crews, taxi drivers, and car rental companies. The travel fairy doesn’t drop people at their door…somebody has to put themselves at risk to get people home.

Some things are so different, and yet we are still finding ways to connect, to be kind, and to help. The basic kindness of people will always be part of our lives.

Writing is one way that I work through my thoughts and feelings. I am writing my own reflections as a way to process what’s happening at this crazy time. It won’t be perfect, but it will help me. You can decide whether or not to read them. If you do, I hope you feel free to comment with your own reflections. Be safe.



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