“Impossible” Cheeseburger Pie

A friend's daughter recently graduated from high school, and the friend asked for recipes for her "college survival kit." I dug out this recipe of my mother's because it's an easy and tasty supper dish, and great for a student because it would give her several portions at a reasonable cost. The Bisquick holds the... Continue Reading →

Homemade baked beans with ham

Summertime means campfires, and campfires mean hot dogs and beans. This summer I decided that homemade beans would be a treat over the old standard canned beans. While these can be made without ham, I wanted to experiment using a ham bone, since we enjoyed a bone-in shank of ham and had the bone left... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at supper

We've all had those days when we're at a loss at suppertime - don't know what to make, don't have anything thawed from the freezer, or don't have time to make a traditional supper meal. Eggs are a perfect solutionĀ for any meal. This creation was quick to throw together. For this made-up meal, we decided... Continue Reading →

Cabbage roll casserole

  Looking for easy, comfort food, with a flavour that mimics cabbage rolls? Cabbage rolls are relatively easy to make, but do require some time and effort in prepping and rolling them. If you're looking for a quick fix for a cabbage roll craving, this recipe is a nice replacement. I searched out a couple... Continue Reading →

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