Guest chefs: fresh ceviche

We were fortunate this week to have friends visit and offer to make us fresh ceviche. This is a traditional dish made with raw fish and fresh produce. Its origins are thought to be Peru, but it is found in many coastal areas throughout Latin America, where fresh fish is in abundance. I am nervous about... Continue Reading →

Borscht – beet and beef soup

One of my favourite delights of fall is making borscht with fresh vegetables. In recent years, I would visit the farmers' market and the butcher to get what I needed. This year, I was able to make this soup with my own harvest and the generosity of some neighbours. Borscht is made many different ways.... Continue Reading →

Avocado dip and dressing

I keep seeing posts for healthy alternatives to some classic favourite recipes. I decided the other day to try one, an alternative for Ranch dressing. This recipe uses avocado and plain Greek yogurt as the flavour base. This means it is healthy, but it certainly is not completely without fat. However, it is healthier than... Continue Reading →

Baked coconut shrimp

  I love shrimp and could eat them every day. One of my favourites to order at a restaurant is coconut shrimp. Since we can easily get fresh shrimp, I decided to try my hand at coconut shrimp at home. My brother-in-law has made baked coconut shrimp and shared the recipe with me from AllRecipes.... Continue Reading →

Halloween Brain Dip

Got a last-minute invitation to a Halloween party? Or do you just want to scare your family this evening at the supper table? This is an incredibly easy Halloween-themed appetizer. Here’s all you need: a head of cauliflower, two avocados, salsa, fruit to go in a red flavour/colour and some chips for dipping (Oops! I... Continue Reading →

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