Halloween Brain Dip

Halloween Brain Dip.JPG
Got a last-minute invitation to a Halloween party? Or do you just want to scare your family this evening at the supper table? This is an incredibly easy Halloween-themed appetizer.

Here’s all you need: a head of cauliflower, two avocados, salsa, fruit to go in a red flavour/colour and some chips for dipping (Oops! I forgot to add them to the picture). I also used some garlic in the avocado.


Start by hollowing out the cauliflower, with a goal that you will be putting the dip in the hollow. If pieces are coming off, use toothpicks to attach.


This particular fruit to go was a great choice as it actually peels into tubes, but if not, cut yours into strips.

Then weave them into the cauliflower so they look like blood vessels in a brain…I know, gross. But effective!


Then mash the two avocados – this Pampered Chef masher is a great tool for this purpose.

I added some lemon juice to keep the avocados fresh. I also put in some garlic and hot sauce to add a bit of kick to the dip.


Stir in the salsa – since I was attending a potluck, I used mild salsa to appeal to everyone. I did not measure, I just poured and mixed and tasted until it looked “brainy” and tasted good.

Then slice the ends off the avocado pits. Be careful, as they are slippery! I used a towel to hold them while I sliced. And then I forgot to take a picture of them. But I did remember to put them in the dip!
Scoop the dip into the cauliflower and place the eyes on top. Serve with chips or veggies, and feel free to eat the cauliflower and fruit to go as well. Voila – Halloween ready! Hope your ghouls and goblins like it!


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