Fitness for a cause

sparring at the boxing club

Fitness has always been an important part of my wellness. When I am my healthiest, I am active.

However, this might be a bit much!

I got a few questioning looks, some outright “You’ve got to be kidding” reactions when I announced I was taking up boxing.

Yes, boxing.

But boxing with a purpose. I have enrolled in a fundraiser called Kiss the Canvas, in which I will train and become a certified boxer, culminating in a fight against another woman. There is a team of us taking this on, and we will be paired up as we move through the training.

In addition, we are each raising $5,000 for palliative care in our community, an important cause that touches many people.

So, the looks, the questions, the disbelief are not that surprising. How many women take up boxing? Not many adults in general, and certainly not many my age – there’s a chance I could fight a young woman the same age as my son.

But I know this about myself – I like a challenge. I also like to contribute, and the feeling of working for a cause. I like that feeling of having a purpose. I did a major fundraiser 11 years ago and it was an amazing feeling. The accomplishment of raising the money, and training for and running a marathon, was extremely gratifying.

So when I saw a documentary from a previous year, with the women coming out in their robes, getting in the ring, being cheered on…I had to do it. I enjoy aggressive sports, but more than that, I enjoy the structure of the challenge. The training is extremely hard, and I know there will be many days that I will hate it.

But I will persevere, and tough out this journey, for the people who need palliative care in our community, and for myself, because so far this is making me feel pretty good. It’s hard, but that’s part of the journey.
Stay tuned!

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