Mom’s rhubarb “lake cake”

One of the beautiful things about where we live is the changing of the seasons. Right now, spring is in full bloom, and the trees, flowers and birds are returning. Spring is also rhubarb season, and its spring bounty is often the first harvest enjoyed from a garden. To celebrate the return of rhubarb, I got my... Continue Reading →

Belgian waffles from scratch

Nothing is better on a long weekend than making a decadent breakfast. This recipe makes great waffles - feel free to serve them at supper or for dessert! You will need flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, milk, eggs and butter. This recipe makes two waffles in our standard size waffle iron. I forgot to take... Continue Reading →

Home-cooked rice pudding

  As I have mentioned previously, my mother is a great cook. We were spoiled growing up with many home-cooked goodies. In honour of Mother's Day, I am sharing some of her classics. One of those was homemade rice pudding. We love to buy rice pudding but I thought I would try an old recipe for homemade... Continue Reading →

Comfort food casserole

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I thought I would share one of my mother's classic recipes - spaghetti beef casserole. She made this casserole often when I was growing up, and there is no greater comfort food than that made with love by a mother. This is great winter fare, but also perfect for a... Continue Reading →

Yummy banana pancakes

I just looked back at recent posts, and it has been a long time since I wrote anything focused on cooking, or the “goodness” portion of this blog’s theme. Well, this morning’s breakfast is worth a post. For some reason, I have been craving pancakes. But since it feels like I have been eating a... Continue Reading →

Easy, delicious and versatile

One of the easiest things to make, which tastes so amazing, is homemade tomato sauce. I have almost broken the habit of ever buying canned tomato sauce or stewed tomatoes, in favour of roasting the tomatoes myself. I actually discovered this while on Weight Watchers a few years ago. A roasted tomato sauce has zero... Continue Reading →

German-inspired meal – to die for!

Schnitzel and spaetzle During the week, I do my best to eat light meals such as salads, chicken breast, even meat-free meals. But when the weekend arrives, I like the treat of a home-cooked, not-quite-as-healthy meal….like the spaetzle I have finally mastered, which is a perfect sidekick to Ron’s schnitzel. Ron has a German background... Continue Reading →

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