BBQ Jalapeno Poppers

jalapeno bacon poppers

My jalapeno peppers are ready for harvesting from the garden.

While on vacation this summer visiting the kids, our son-in-law harvested their peppers and made a great appetizer for us. You may have purchased these or had them at a restaurant, but they are so much better when they are homemade, and the charring of the BBQ made them outstanding.

First, the peppers are washed, sliced in half and seeded. If you want them really hot, leave the seeds in. However, even for people who like heat, they are still very hot with the seeds removed.

Mark uses gloves to remove the seeds


Note that Mark uses gloves to handle the peppers. This is highly recommended, since the juice of the peppers stays on your hands a long time, and is very painful if you happen to touch your eye. Trust me on this one, I once rubbed my eye after cutting jalapenos and could not see out of that eye for a while.

Mark then “spoons” cream cheese into the peppers. He knows what he’s doing, so he doesn’t need a spoon!


He then wraps each pepper with bacon, and skewers them.


If you make them in the oven, on a baking dish, you don’t have to skewer them. However, he is going to BBQ them, so the skewer makes it easier to turn the poppers.


Once the skewers are all done, Mark put them on the BBQ on medium to high heat.


While getting them to flame was unintended, it ended up being a tasty mistake. He got the flare out quickly, and the bacon got slightly charred. He then turned the heat to low to let the poppers finish cooking.

Mark lets the poppers flame up, then gets the flame out and turns them to low heat.


Remove from the skewers and enjoy!


Note the crispy bacon, thanks to the quick flame-up

Optional side to the poppers: a beer-ga-rita – a mini beer tipped upside down in a margarita. YUM


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