Mexico’s food

We were lucky enough to spend the winter in Mexico, enjoying four and a half months in Cabo San Lucas after a wonderful road trip to get to Baja California Sur. As our time there drew to a close, and knowing that the future is never certain, I reflected on what I loved about our... Continue Reading →

What we ate

One cannot describe a trip to Europe without describing the amazing food. While some people like the comfort of home, and like to eat the same things when they travel, I love to experience what local people eat when visiting different areas of the world. Our recent trip to Switzerland, Germany and France provided plenty... Continue Reading →

Ohhh the food!

  I’m sure people who visit Switzerland all comment on the quality of the food. I’ve done my best to try a few local favourites, to expand my dining horizons while we spend a week in Bern. To start the day, the coffee is outstanding. People who don’t like strong coffee may not be too... Continue Reading →

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