“Impossible” Cheeseburger Pie

A friend's daughter recently graduated from high school, and the friend asked for recipes for her "college survival kit." I dug out this recipe of my mother's because it's an easy and tasty supper dish, and great for a student because it would give her several portions at a reasonable cost. The Bisquick holds the... Continue Reading →

Homemade baked beans with ham

Summertime means campfires, and campfires mean hot dogs and beans. This summer I decided that homemade beans would be a treat over the old standard canned beans. While these can be made without ham, I wanted to experiment using a ham bone, since we enjoyed a bone-in shank of ham and had the bone left... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at supper

We've all had those days when we're at a loss at suppertime - don't know what to make, don't have anything thawed from the freezer, or don't have time to make a traditional supper meal. Eggs are a perfect solution for any meal. This creation was quick to throw together. For this made-up meal, we decided... Continue Reading →

Mexico’s food

We were lucky enough to spend the winter in Mexico, enjoying four and a half months in Cabo San Lucas after a wonderful road trip to get to Baja California Sur. As our time there drew to a close, and knowing that the future is never certain, I reflected on what I loved about our... Continue Reading →

Mom’s rhubarb “lake cake”

One of the beautiful things about where we live is the changing of the seasons. Right now, spring is in full bloom, and the trees, flowers and birds are returning. Spring is also rhubarb season, and its spring bounty is often the first harvest enjoyed from a garden. To celebrate the return of rhubarb, I got my... Continue Reading →

Home-cooked rice pudding

  As I have mentioned previously, my mother is a great cook. We were spoiled growing up with many home-cooked goodies. In honour of Mother's Day, I am sharing some of her classics. One of those was homemade rice pudding. We love to buy rice pudding but I thought I would try an old recipe for homemade... Continue Reading →

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