Doukhobor Borscht

There’s something special about homemade soup, especially when it’s made with fresh garden vegetables. My friend Cheryl introduced me to this variation on borscht that I had never experienced before. She made such a delicious batch, I had to get the recipe and try it at home. I’m not sure my version was as good... Continue Reading →

Refrigerator pickles – fast and easy

   This summer, the cucumber plants in my garden have absolutely flourished. We have eaten cucumber salads, cucumbers in salads, and just sliced cucumbers with salt and pepper. Not to complain, but we were starting to get a little tired of eating one or two cucumbers a day. So, I dug out my old refrigerator... Continue Reading →

Avocado dip and dressing

I keep seeing posts for healthy alternatives to some classic favourite recipes. I decided the other day to try one, an alternative for Ranch dressing. This recipe uses avocado and plain Greek yogurt as the flavour base. This means it is healthy, but it certainly is not completely without fat. However, it is healthier than... Continue Reading →

Meatless Monday Mushrooms

  I do like to dedicate at least one day a week to a vegetarian or vegan meal, for a variety of reasons. Recently one of our daughters introduced us to grilled, stuffed Portobello mushrooms. I loved them so much, I had to try them at home. Portobello mushrooms are amazingly dense. After grilling, they... Continue Reading →

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