Meatless Monday Mushrooms


stuffed portobello mushrooms.jpg

I do like to dedicate at least one day a week to a vegetarian or vegan meal, for a variety of reasons. Recently one of our daughters introduced us to grilled, stuffed Portobello mushrooms. I loved them so much, I had to try them at home.

Portobello mushrooms are amazingly dense. After grilling, they retain their density and as such are filling and a great replacement for meat. I would like to try them as a burger sometime, but for this recipe, we ate them as is. This is very easy and adaptable.

Usually this is made with spinach, but I had kale in the fridge so that’s what we used. I scooped out the mushroom stems and chopped them up with kale and onions.


I fried the entire mixture lightly, adding crushed garlic, black pepper, and some fresh herbs (oregano on this day).


After frying, I filled the mushrooms with the mixture and covered them with parmesan and feta cheeses (lots of feta – there can never be too much feta!).


I then grilled them on the BBQ (oven baking works too). Once the cheese is turning golden to brown, and the mushrooms are browning on the edges, they’re done.


I served ours with sweet potato fries and figured that white wine must be the right pairing! Even my meat-loving husband liked these.

Enjoy your meatless Monday!

meatless Monday mushrooms.jpg


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