I’m learning – follow me!

Thanks to those of you who have already visited the site to review my blog and provide a comment or two, and to those who have provided support for this new adventure of mine! Some of you have visited Facebook or Twitter, or the blog site itself, and I appreciate your time.

I am already learning as I go, only a few days into the blogging experience. I have focused much of my discussion to date on cooking, but I do want to explore “taste” in a broader sense. What tastes good from a food and beverage perspective, the sights, scents and visuals that support the experience…these are all areas I want to explore, so thanks for your patience as I work my way through my ideas. Hopefully my topics will continue to provide value to you, or a bit of entertainment at the very least!

After reviewing my first few posts, I see that one area for improvement is sizing my pictures! Last night’s fried chicken looks massive and the plate looks like a serving platter!

One thing I just learned was that you can sign up to “follow” me and receive blogs directly to your inbox. When you first visit www.theardizan.com, a small text box appears in the bottom right corner. It says “Follow” and if you click on it, this appears:

Enter your email address to  sign up, and you will receive blog posts directly whenever I post a new one. As mentioned, I also encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@theardizan) or visit my Facebook page and remember to “LIKE” the page (http://www.facebook.com/theardizan)

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