Mark up those cookbooks!

Canadian Living’s recent post about keeping a journal in your kitchen made me think they had been looking through my cookbooks recently. 

One thing I have learned about cooking is that, like anything worth doing, it takes practice. People will often ask for a recipe, and while I am eager to share, I usually have a bunch of “howevers” that go along with the recipe. I usually go by the book on the first attempt at a new recipe. After that, I learn something through the process and often adapt. This means my cookbooks often have notes throughout, detailing what I do different or in addition to the recipe.

While I love being able to find recipes for almost anything online (searching even by ingredient yields great results), and I have some favourite recipe sites and even cooking apps, it is pretty hard to write notes on a recipe that is online! I am also sometimes wary of making something that I’m not sure is tried and true, whereas if I do a search through some of my trusty cookbooks, my mother’s hand-me-down books (more on that in a future blog) or the old fashioned recipe box, I know I will find a keeper, adapted for my tastes.

My grandma used to say that a good cook always tastes their creation. This is true while you are cooking, and adaptations and adjustments are part of the cooking process. Writing those adjustments down will ensure you make a winner, time after time.

 Send me your thoughts – online, book, recipe card, app – what’s your favourite? Or is it all of the above? What are some great recipe sites, books or apps that you turn to for a tried and true meal?


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