For the love of kitchen!

The last two weeks have been a challenge from a cooking perspective. Not that I am cooking challenging things…but that we have been challenged to do any cooking!

Our house is currently getting some renos done, and while a new coat of paint was being applied to the main floor hallway, living and dining rooms, we took the opportunity to also do the kitchen. It was long overdue, and I have been dreaming of a red kitchen for a while. Call me crazy, I know, but I love red.

The process to get a new coat of paint in the kitchen was not completely straightforward, however. The living and dining area required new drywall, which has meant mudding and taping, sanding, and generally a lot of mess. It also meant moving everything into the office, so we have no dining area (hello TV trays downstairs) and it seems like that lost space has compacted our kitchen area to the point of claustrophobia.

Then, some electrical work had to be done, and we were without an overhead kitchen light and our microwave. Maybe not a big deal, but it seems like we have been eating whatever can be prepared most easily and quickly, and then we scurry down to the basement to our TV trays and the television. I miss lounging in the kitchen, sitting at the island and then enjoying a nice meal together at the table. It is amazing how much that gets to be the routine and an enjoyable way to end the work day, or spend the weekend.

So no recipes have been attempted in some time. We are eating easy stuff out of the freezer, warmed up leftovers, I didn’t even feel like making a salad in that mess! One night last week we were planning to go out and a blizzard hit – so much for that idea.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel…and light in the kitchen again! And I love the new coat(s) of red….soon we will be back to normal.



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