New Year, New Start


I continue to enjoy sharing experiences with you through this blog, which will celebrate its second birthday next month.

I am always honoured by the number of people the blog reaches, and the positive comments I receive to my various posts.

I have enjoyed the journey and continue to enjoy the experience of writing.

So today I have revamped the look of the blog for the second time, to change things up, evolve as the blog and its topics have evolved.

What started as a fun food blog has evolved into an exploration of much more than that – at times, a look at life through the lens of my various experiences. This past year I have also written about our travel adventures, which has added another dynamic of fun for me.

However, I will still focus on my basic premises: food – goodness; exercise and the outdoors – fitness; mental health – wellness.

I have found that taking into account the three aspects of life puts me on the road to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Mental health and wellness means different things for different people: it can include spirituality, travel, reflection, family time, solitary time. Fitness does not have to be rigourous gym routines – walking and fresh air are examples of fitness. And food habits can vary among individuals, respecting vegans, vegetarians, celiacs, paleo followers – you name it. For me, fresh, homemade food is my favourite kind of goodness.

So once again, thanks for following along, and I look forward to another great year with The Ardizan. Tell your friends about me too!


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