Sick of being sick

Finally healthy again!

I have been sick for the month of March.

Sounds bizarre, but it’s a fact.

I started with a scratchy throat on Feb. 29. That extra day of 2016 was not a good one. I didn’t feel like doing anything until March 12, almost two weeks later. In between, I had sinus congestion, a sore and swollen throat, fever, aches, sneezes, coughs and a lot of crankiness. The term “patient” was not meant for me.

After nine days, when I got worse, I went to the doctor and found out I had an upper respiratory tract infection. So antibiotics finally got me on the road to recovery. Resting and plenty of liquids was not enough for what I thought was a cold.

I had a lot of time to think in those two weeks. I am not very good at lying around, but I had to. It got me thinking about how grateful I am that this was a short-term illness. I knew I would get better.

There are a lot of people who are not so lucky. Some people have illnesses that mean they are bed-ridden all the time. They can’t do the things that I sometimes take for granted.

So when I finally resumed my morning walks, 13 days later, I felt extra grateful. I enjoyed seeing my friends along my route, and stopped and talked to them. I loved wandering down the beach and feeling the ocean breeze. I took in the sights of the city waking up, businesses preparing to open, tourists enjoying the warm sun.

We never know when what seems like a small pleasure may not be available to us anymore. To others, this small pleasure may be a big deal. So I am grateful for my return to good health. I will get out and walk because I can!

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