Paddle Boarding Adventures

Sometimes a familiar activity opens the door to new experiences. Paddle boarding has become familiar to me over the past number of years in Mexico. But each trip out into the Sea of Cortez seems to bring new adventure. Just last month, we stopped to snorkel and besides seeing so many beautiful fish, there were... Continue Reading →

Because I Can

“I move because I can.” I remind myself of this when I’m out for an enjoyable walk, or sweating through a not-so-enjoyable workout. It’s my mantra when I go for a run, or have to carry heavy groceries, or do yard work, or vacuum. It’s a good reminder to be grateful for a body that... Continue Reading →

Starting the day off right

There are many resources expounding the benefits of a morning routine. These include working out first thing, practicing meditation or yoga, journaling. Don’t check emails, take time for yourself, make your coffee (that’s mine) …the list goes on. Do the same thing every morning and you will see benefits. The reality is, everybody is different... Continue Reading →

Sick of being sick

I have been sick for the month of March. Sounds bizarre, but it’s a fact. I started with a scratchy throat on Feb. 29. That extra day of 2016 was not a good one. I didn’t feel like doing anything until March 12, almost two weeks later. In between, I had sinus congestion, a sore... Continue Reading →

City to nature in one trip

  As mentioned in previous posts, one of the delights of our trip to Bern has been walking around the city. It truly is beautiful, situated on a curve in the Aare River. There is much history here, but also wonderful outdoor settings. Because it is on the river, the change in elevation from the... Continue Reading →

Walking the city

When I’m traveling, I find that the best way to get to know a city is to walk it. And I love to walk. So this morning I struck out in Berne (or Bern) while Ron did preparations with his team. I decided to follow the path we went our first night, when we walked... Continue Reading →

Walking, part two

As mentioned in my last post, a love of walking has been re-awakened in me these last few weeks. Daily walks, exploring the area around us, has become a wonderful habit. I have always enjoyed going for a walk. When we used to have a dog, a daily walk - sometimes two - was a necessity.... Continue Reading →

The joy of walking

There are a lot of amazing ways to get yourself into shape. My recent experience with boxing certainly did the trick, as did a previous round of marathon running. I love swimming; lots of people enjoy cycling. There are many types of classes at an overwhelming variety of gyms. There are also many theories and... Continue Reading →

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