Starting the day off right


There are many resources expounding the benefits of a morning routine.

These include working out first thing, practicing meditation or yoga, journaling. Don’t check emails, take time for yourself, make your coffee (that’s mine) …the list goes on. Do the same thing every morning and you will see benefits.

The reality is, everybody is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the start of the day.

Some people are just morning people, and can bounce out of bed full of energy. Others need time to wake up.

Some people have kids that need to get up and ready for school, and those kids can be morning people – or not.

Some people naturally wake up early and some struggle to get up after several whacks of the snooze button.

But there’s one thing that I have started to do, that I believe everyone can do, that starts the day off with a fresh and bright perspective.

Practice gratitude.

Sounds corny. Sounds simple (it is). But it is worth reflecting on the many good things in life before getting up and tackling what can be long, stressful days.

Take a moment when you first wake up. Stretch, and think about one thing for which you are grateful – before jumping out of bed to tackle the day.

“I am grateful for the children I am about to help start their day.”

“I am grateful for a loving spouse to share my life.”

“I am grateful for my health that allows me to get out of bed today.”

If things are going lousy for you, something simple can be powerful:

“I am grateful for running water so a hot shower starts my day.”

Most of the world doesn’t have that luxury.

“I am grateful that we can afford the food for a healthy breakfast.”

“I am grateful for a day off so I can stay in bed a little longer.”

There is always something worth waking up and giving thanks for, and it makes for a pleasant start to the day.

Try it!

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