Gratefulness, today

IMG_3066.JPGI had the pleasure of helping some amazing women this week.

These ladies have identified the needs of seniors in a rural area, and have responded, each in their own way, to help.
From raising funds, shopping for necessities, distributing, cooking, and visiting with the seniors, they have each stepped up to support their community.

As I helped in a small way, and got to meet these volunteers and some of the people they help, it got me thinking how lucky we really are. People who have so little can be so gracious, grateful, and happy. We should resolve to be happy and grateful too.

Three Things to be Grateful for Today

  1. Your health

Perhaps you do have health issues. But many people have far worse problems. Be grateful for the health you do have, and take advantage of that by going for a short walk, or calling someone who is less fortunate.

2. Modern-day luxury

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have internet and power. You probably have clean drinking water in your tap. It probably gets hot in seconds. We have better water in our toilets than 75% of the world has access to – don’t take it for granted. Be thankful.

3. Friends and family

Whether you have a big family or a small one, and many friends or only a few, nurture them and thank them. Help them if they need it. You may need their help one day. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.


If you are feeling down, reach out to help someone. It will lift you up. As one of the volunteers said this week, you may find that in helping someone else, in fact, they help you.

Awesome volunteers!

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