Starting the day off right

There are many resources expounding the benefits of a morning routine. These include working out first thing, practicing meditation or yoga, journaling. Don’t check emails, take time for yourself, make your coffee (that’s mine) …the list goes on. Do the same thing every morning and you will see benefits. The reality is, everybody is different... Continue Reading →

Time Marches On

When I was younger, I am sure I scoffed at “older” people who talked about time passing quickly. After all, I couldn’t wait to go to high school. I couldn’t wait to turn 16 so I could drive. I couldn’t wait to be 18 to go to the bar. I couldn’t wait to be done... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Leonard

Last year, when the great Leonard Cohen passed away, a refrain from one of his popular songs was often cited – one that has had me thinking about it since:                Ring the bells that still can ring / Forget your perfect offering /          ... Continue Reading →

Today is the best day

One of the best ways to fully enjoy life is to live in the present moment. This is not an easy task. There are always things to think about – lists for shopping, chores, planning for tomorrow. Or I look back on the past with regrets or sadness. I miss someone. I miss an aspect of... Continue Reading →

Celebrating life

Why is it that we wait until someone’s passing to celebrate their life? This week was the 10th anniversary of the passing of my big brother. Last month was the third anniversary of the passing of my father. I have lost two friends to cancer in the last month – not close friends, but people... Continue Reading →

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