Time Marches On

Every day the sun comes up….

When I was younger, I am sure I scoffed at “older” people who talked about time passing quickly.

After all, I couldn’t wait to go to high school. I couldn’t wait to turn 16 so I could drive. I couldn’t wait to be 18 to go to the bar. I couldn’t wait to be done university so I could work.

And now, I have become one of those “older” people, and I can’t believe how right they were. Time passes quickly.

In fact, time marches like a soldier to battle. Never stopping. Not even pausing. Just tick tock, tick tock.

It seems like yesterday that I was busy coaching our son in hockey, or driving him to football. Hearing about his day at school and enjoying his friends when they hung around the house.

I can’t believe the winter has passed me by and it is now spring. My seasons run together like one long procession. I struggle to remember – did that happen last winter or the winter before?

The days slip by like water through my hands. What did we do last week? Or was that the week before?

….and if it’s a nice day it shines down upon us….

Our eldest grandchild will soon be into the double digits. Our baby is approaching a quarter century old. My nephews have children who are growing up too fast. I am now in the year in which I will hit the mid-century mark. I have more years behind me than I likely have in front of me.

And yet, I am not complaining. I am focusing my energies on being mindful. On enjoying these moments, if it means spending an afternoon reading a book or doing an amazing activity like hiking a mountain or snorkeling in the ocean. Or just relaxing with my family.

It’s important to look after myself, to enjoy the next half-century the best I can. It’s also important to be mindful, and enjoy each moment I am in, because who knows what the future will bring.

Time may pass quickly, but focusing on the here and now helps me enjoy the here and now. It’s good to reminisce, or plan for upcoming events, but most important is what’s happening now. Enjoy those moments, as they slip by quickly.

….and then every evening it sets, marking the passing of another day.

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