Today is the best day


One of the best ways to fully enjoy life is to live in the present moment.

This is not an easy task.

There are always things to think about – lists for shopping, chores, planning for tomorrow.

Or I look back on the past with regrets or sadness. I miss someone. I miss an aspect of my life that I once enjoyed. I examine what I did or said, or what someone else did or said.

I look ahead and wish for the weekend, the next planned activity, the next vacation, the next day off, the next visit with someone special.

But in doing all of that on a regular basis, I am missing out on the best day – today.

I am working hard at this skill. Be in this moment, and thus enjoy it fully. Be with the people in the room, not those on the internet. Be with your kids, your spouse, your friends.

A friend recently shared that mantra with me: “Today is the best day. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Today.”

Today may simply be another day at work. Today may be a rest day at home, reading or spending time with family. Today may be the start of an exciting vacation. Today may be a shopping day, or a day for an enjoyable activity, like golf.

Obviously there are times when I must plan. I must look ahead and make plans, or I want to look back and enjoy good memories.

But if I am doing this on a regular basis, I am missing the best day: Today. Today is the best day.

How will you spend it?


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