Mexico’s oceans and beaches

IMG_7477We were lucky enough to spend the winter in Mexico, enjoying four and a half months in Cabo San Lucas after a wonderful road trip to get to Baja California Sur.

As our time there drew to a close, and knowing that the future is never certain, I reflected on what I loved about our time in Mexico. So over the next number of posts, I will share my reflections of what I love about Mexico, in no particular order.

Today: the oceans and beaches.

I love the ocean, and a big draw of our location is the proximity to the ocean and a swimmable beach.

Baja California Sur has the most shoreline of any province in Mexico, and has some wonderful beaches. The peninsula is fortunate to have two oceans for us to enjoy, and because we are located at Land’s End, we have easy access to both.


My favourite is the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California. Depending on the location along the peninsula, it is brilliant blue or emerald green. The water is incredibly clear. There are places that aren’t available for swimming because of rocks, but generally it is swimmable. There are many amazing beaches – Medano, Santa Maria, Viudes and Chileno near Cabo San Lucas. Balandra, Telecote, Pichilingue near La Paz. Bahia de Concepcion near Loreto has a number of beautiful beaches. The northeastern part of the peninsula, which we have not explored, also has some great coastal locations.


The Sea of Cortez is also teeming with marine life – fish and mammals. Jacques Cousteau called it the aquarium of the world. Snorkeling and diving are great, as is the whale watching in the winter months, and the release of sea turtles.

On the Pacific side, the swimming isn’t possible in many places, but surfers love many of the locations, and the views of sunset are spectacular.

The Los Cabos area is also known for its fishing. Marlin, tuna, dorado, wahoo, the list goes on. Cabo San Lucas hosts a major fishing tournament every year.


So whether you like to get in the ocean (where you can surf, paddleboard, kayak, swim or go fishing or whale watching), get below the ocean to dive, or just enjoy the views and the sound of the waves, there is much to enjoy in Baja California Sur. I know I do!


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