Mexico’s scenery and climate



We were lucky enough to spend the winter in Mexico, enjoying four and a half months in Cabo San Lucas after a wonderful road trip to get to Baja California Sur.

As our time there drew to a close, and knowing that the future is never certain, I reflected on what I loved about our time in Mexico. So in a few recent posts, I am sharing my reflections of what I love about Mexico, in no particular order.

Today: the scenery and climate.

I’m not sure if these go together, but in my mind, they combine to make our experience in Cabo San Lucas a great one.

The scenery around Cabo is beautiful. The rock formations at Land’s End are always a delight to look upon – the famous arch, the Scooby Doo rock, Pelican Point…and all the rocks and crags that aren’t named but are beautiful to see.

The beaches and ocean – including below the ocean – are wonderful (as per my previous post). I love the flowers, cactus and trees, and birds that are different than at home.


And close by are mountains that are wonderful to venture into.

Look waaaaay down, there’s our road!

We were also fortunate to drive through Baja California, and saw some incredible scenery en route. The land was blooming in the spring, bringing colour to the mountains and deserts along the way. We drove through valleys of boulders, oasis in the midst of desert – a sudden appearance of palm trees, fruit trees and flowers. We drove up steep and curvy mountain roads and across flat desert plains. We saw oceans and mountains. We passed through farm operations and vineyards.  It really was a spectacle to see.

The climate is also a big plus for us. Obviously we go to Mexico to escape the cold winter we have at home. But we chose Cabo San Lucas in part because of the consistent climate.

Number one for us is consistent temperature. We don’t choose to go south to then have to “endure” temperatures near freezing for part of the time. We also don’t enjoy super hot temperatures, when it is unbearable to be outside during the day. In Cabo, we have found it consistently around 25 Celsius for the months we are there. Sometimes it drops to around 20C, sometimes it climbs up to 30C, but for the November through April timeframe that we enjoy our time there, it is consistently in the 20s. We like that.

Christmas Eve on the beach is a little warmer than at home!

It is also consistently sunny. It is a desert on the ocean, so it is dry without being too dry. It isn’t humid like tropical climates. It is rarely overcast. And it almost never rains in the winter months. This winter, apparently due to El Nino, there were days with wind. But when I compare that to our prairie winds, it really isn’t much wind at all!

A rare windy day
A rare rainbow after a few drops of rain

We feel pretty lucky to enjoy sunshine and warmth, with beautiful scenery all around us, each winter.

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