Appreciating Mexico: the people

We met this group  of Mexican people on the beach on Easter Sunday – it wasn’t long before they were sharing their fresh, home-made ceviche with us, despite language barriers

We were lucky enough to spend the winter in Mexico, enjoying four and a half months in Cabo San Lucas after a wonderful road trip to get to Baja California Sur.

As our time there drew to a close, and knowing that the future is never certain, I reflected on what I loved about our time in Mexico. So over the next number of posts, I will share my reflections of what I love about Mexico, in no particular order.

Today, numero uno – the people.

Perhaps this would be number one in a ranked list. We are so lucky to have met so many good people during our time in Cabo San Lucas.

We have Canadian friends we met in Cabo who have become close friends. We were fortunate to have friends from home that spent the winter near us, and we were able to spend time with them and get to know them even better.

We have people we met on previous visits and with whom we get together when they are visiting Cabo.

We have business owners who have become friends – the Canadian owners of our favourite bar, the Mexican owners of our favourite taco stand, the workers at our condo, the guys at the beach, the people at the property management company who look after us…the list goes on.

Gracious friends who welcomed us to their ranch in the mountains, enjoying a toast with us

But what stays with me is the general nature of the Mexican people. While we may look at some of them and deem their lives as being “less” than ours in terms of possessions, houses and lifestyle, I see people who are happy. They always seem to be smiling, and are kind to us. We often strike up conversations with them and they are more than willing to share their knowledge – of their city, their country, their history and culture.

Canadian business owners helping out at Christmas

They are extremely generous – they share with each other, and they always offer to share with us. We have been invited into homes of people we just met – to meet their family and share their food. We always feel welcome.

This woman who lives in the mountains welcomed us into her home – where she makes hand-made clay pots. I bought one!

They are also hardworking and very family-oriented. They have a rich culture and are very entrepreneurial.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Selling ice cream treats on the beach, without having to push the cart on the beach!

Obviously there are exceptions, as in every country. One can’t generalize to an entire population. But generally, our experience has been so positive, it makes our daily interactions enjoyable and therefore our time in Mexico one to treasure.

Our new friends and makers of the best tacos ever!

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  1. Love reading your posts Ardith. Gary loves his Mexican families too. One in Cabos and another in Hemet, that he loves golfing with. You two really have the most fun. 🙂

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  2. You make a great Mexican!!! I wish more people that come to mexico would embrace the people and culture like you and ron!!! Thats why we like you guys so much!!


    1. Thank you so much Diana. You and Esteban are among those mentioned in my post. You have made us feel so welcome and we can’t wait to spend time with you again!


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