Because I Can

“I move because I can.”

I remind myself of this when I’m out for an enjoyable walk, or sweating through a not-so-enjoyable workout.

It’s my mantra when I go for a run, or have to carry heavy groceries, or do yard work, or vacuum.

It’s a good reminder to be grateful for a body that is well enough to be active. To do housework. To wash sweaty gym clothes. To dance.

It’s easy for me to slip into a lazy mode, to put off working out for “more important” things. They’re never more important than looking after myself.

Because to move, even with a simple walk, is such a gift.

We all know people who suffer from ailments that prevent them from being active. I think of them when I push myself out the door to do something, anything.

We lost friends this year to illness, friends who weren’t able to be active as they suffered. We have lost family members in the past, unable to do what I can in their final months.

And yet here I am, complaining because the parking spot is so far from the store….or the bag is too heavy to carry….or there are so many weeds…or I hate vacuuming!

It’s OK to hate vacuuming, but I should be glad I can still manage it myself.

And so, I move, because I can.

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