Spring “Cleaning”


Perhaps it’s the buds on the trees now popping into leaves. Or the garden sprouting.

It just seemed like time for a little spring “cleaning” of my website.

You won’t notice a lot of changes, but I have done a little refresh prior to the summer solstice.

I debated a new look completely, by changing my WordPress theme. After trying out a few alternative themes, I came back to this one.

I like the simplicity, the focus on my blog posts, and the clear menu and search function.

I added a pop of colour, and links to my Instagram feed, since I am really enjoying the content on Instagram these days. It’s so visually focused that it can be quite stunning to scroll through some of the Instagrammers (Instagrammars?) I follow. And I am enjoying a bit of creative rejuvenation with my posts. I hope you do too! Send me a note to let me know what you think!

My only regret is that I’ve been spending enough time doing freelance writing that I haven’t taken time to do any “fun” writing. Don’t get me wrong, my freelance assignments are fun and challenging, and I learn every time I write.

But it means when I’m done those assignments, I’m getting up from the computer and therefore not writing for myself. So instead I guess my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts are the outlets for my creativity.

Thanks for following along on my journey! Drop me a line sometime to keep me inspired.

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