Find Your Passion


Most people I know have to work to survive.

The difference is whether you live to work, or work to live.

Do you love what you do? Do you head to work (or your home office, farm, greenhouse, factory….wherever) full of joy most days?

Or do you dread going to work? Do you feel stress in each day?

I’m blessed to be able to do something I love, which is write. I’ve been through stressful jobs, stressful times in my life, and I still feel stress a lot of days.

But I’m lucky to be at a point in my life where I can focus on doing what I want – simply writing. I’ve always loved to write.

When I was a kid, I used my mom’s old Underwood typewriter to write news articles, which I clipped and pasted into a newspaper.

Is it a surprise that I floundered after high school before finally decided on a journalism career? I ended up working as a sports writer at a newspaper, following that with work in communications, government advocacy, marketing, and even running my own communications business.

Now, later in life, I just want to write. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m lucky that I don’t have to do it full time. And I’m lucky to have some great clients that give me a variety of work, keeping my brain working and always learning.

Much of my work is ghostwriting, but you can see some samples:

Bonsai is a freelance website that has a number of products for freelancers, as well as a blog that supports freelance workers. This is a lot of fun for me because I am a freelancer, and I’ve learned a lot while writing for them. Check out my articles on writing budgets as a freelancer, how to make a quotation for freelance work, how to build an effective marketing pitch, and more.

Ecommerce Champ is an online service with a suite of tools for Ecommerce businesses. This has been an interesting learning experience for me as well. Read my articles on the top 5 dropshipping companies and using Oberlo for dropshipping.

Vivvo is a Canadian business that supports governments in providing services to citizens. Vivvo’s CitizenOne makes it easier for citizens to access government services in one easy online solution. This one is close to my heart as one of my former careers was building online service delivery. I’ve done articles on identity proofing, digital health transformation, saving government dollars with digital transformation, and more.

I’ve also revised the website for Aldebaran Consulting, and done extensive writing for Financial Framework and KitchenSanity.

There are others, but as I mentioned, many of my clients hire me to be a ghost writer, so I don’t keep the rights to my work.

That’s OK. I’ve found my passion, and I enjoy sharing my experiences with you through this personal site of mine as well. I encourage you to #FindYourPassion.


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