The Human Spirit

We are living in strange times, indeed. Who would have guessed that people would stockpile toilet paper in response to a respiratory illness? Not Kleenex, or cold medications, but toilet paper. And excessive amounts of it. Crowd behaviour such as that is fascinating for sociologists; it’s mind boggling for many of us. And yet somebody... Continue Reading →

The Rules Have Changed

The rules have changed. Or maybe it’s better to realize there no longer are rules. What we thought was the way of the world even two short weeks ago is no longer reality. Who would have guessed that we could be in lockdown, asked to stay apart, and directed not go to work? Who would... Continue Reading →


Traveling home in the midst of the pandemic was very eerie. For one, I felt more anxiety than was necessary, worrying whether we would make it home. Only a few days earlier, we wondered whether we should even head home. Getting on the plane to travel from Mexico to Canada was a relief. I was... Continue Reading →

Because I Can

“I move because I can.” I remind myself of this when I’m out for an enjoyable walk, or sweating through a not-so-enjoyable workout. It’s my mantra when I go for a run, or have to carry heavy groceries, or do yard work, or vacuum. It’s a good reminder to be grateful for a body that... Continue Reading →

Feeling Powerless

We had an interesting experience last week. A massive storm nearby, which fortunately didn’t impact our community directly, knocked out power to a large area. That impact did include our community and surrounding area. When it first went out in the evening, we expected it back on quickly, as usually happens. Not this time. It... Continue Reading →

Find Your Passion

Most people I know have to work to survive. The difference is whether you live to work, or work to live. Do you love what you do? Do you head to work (or your home office, farm, greenhouse, factory….wherever) full of joy most days? Or do you dread going to work? Do you feel stress... Continue Reading →

Spring “Cleaning”

Perhaps it's the buds on the trees now popping into leaves. Or the garden sprouting. It just seemed like time for a little spring "cleaning" of my website. You won't notice a lot of changes, but I have done a little refresh prior to the summer solstice. I debated a new look completely, by changing... Continue Reading →

A Twist on Tortilla Soup

One of the classic dishes you’ll often find in Mexico is tortilla soup. There are a multitude of versions of this dish. We’ve had it made only with broth and served with toppings like avocados and tortilla strips. We’ve had a version with chicken in it, and a version with beef. I decided to try... Continue Reading →

Chilled avocado soup

This recent hot spell has me thinking about cool and refreshing dishes and this soup is at the top of the list. This is a really easy dish to make, and brings together the smoothness of avocados and limes, the spicy flavour of a jalapeño pepper and the zesty taste of cumin and chili powder.... Continue Reading →

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