A Day On The Lake

Those who love to fish, love it a lot. Some love it so much, they build a business around it.

That’s true of our neighbours, Tom and Dorothy, who have built the guiding business Sask Landing Fishing Adventures. They take customers on tours and fishing expeditions on Lake Diefenbaker, and we were fortunate to be invited to enjoy a day of fishing with them.

Now this is fishing. Sask Landing Fishing Adventures has two boats that he can take you fishing in, and he also has five experienced local fisher-people who work for him in the busy season.

The big boat, equipped for any fishing situation

Since there would be four of us fishing this day, we took the big boat. It reaches top speeds of about 60 miles per hour so the ride to the fishing hole is fast and smooth. It’s equipped with a smaller motor and two trolling motors so it can handle any fishing situation.

Once we got to the hole, the technology in the boat tells us depth, water temperature and of course shows fish. Tom has all the equipment necessary, so the fishing rods we foolishly brought along sat in the corner while he rigged us up with his rods and reels, spinners, weights and bait.

Tom getting us rigged up
Dorothy hauled in some big fish
Tom and Ron manning the front of the boat

Tom loves the fishing lifestyle so much, his winter hobby is painting his own spinners. He even farms his own bait, catching leeches in a local dugout.

Tom’s hand-painted spinners 

This was a true fishing day, and the best of my life. We caught so many fish, we lost count of how many we threw back. There were pickerel or walleye, saugers, perch and goldeye. The prize catch were the pickerels and perch, so we kept our limit and released the rest. Tom caught the biggest, but we all hauled in so many fish.

We ended the afternoon in Tom and Dorothy’s garage, cleaning the fish and packaging the fillets.

Tom cleaning the catch

If you’re ever in Southwest Saskatchewan and want to enjoy your best fishing experience, contact Sask Landing Fishing Adventures. You won’t regret it.


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