Appreciating Mexico: the people

We were lucky enough to spend the winter in Mexico, enjoying four and a half months in Cabo San Lucas after a wonderful road trip to get to Baja California Sur. As our time there drew to a close, and knowing that the future is never certain, I reflected on what I loved about our... Continue Reading →

Guest chefs: fresh ceviche

We were fortunate this week to have friends visit and offer to make us fresh ceviche. This is a traditional dish made with raw fish and fresh produce. Its origins are thought to be Peru, but it is found in many coastal areas throughout Latin America, where fresh fish is in abundance. I am nervous about... Continue Reading →

Happiness part two

Everyone wants to be happy. We search for ways to be happy. But do we take time to reflect on our happiness, what truly makes us happy, and practice the gratefulness that makes us happy? Living in Mexico has altered my perception of happiness. I have visited city neighbourhoods where people have dirt floors and... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Start

I continue to enjoy sharing experiences with you through this blog, which will celebrate its second birthday next month. I am always honoured by the number of people the blog reaches, and the positive comments I receive to my various posts. I have enjoyed the journey and continue to enjoy the experience of writing. So... Continue Reading →

Lessons of a road trip

    A recent and extremely long road trip provided some good lessons, also applicable to life. These are all good hints if you’re driving, but equally as important in everyday life, professional and personal. Start early, end early. We made the mistake of leaving late one day, and had to drive a treacherous road... Continue Reading →

Road trippin’

Some of the most classic movies are about road trips. We made our own movie recently with a road trip of immense proportions – 6,192 kilometres, which, for my American readers, is 3,847 miles. That was 18 days in total, and 12 days in the car. And what a trip. From Midwest Canada to the... Continue Reading →

“Social” cooking

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Europe was the opportunity to spend time with friends. In the Alsace region of France, we got to immerse ourselves in the area thanks to friends who hosted us. While staying at their home, we also got to experience – and learn to cook - a... Continue Reading →

What we ate

One cannot describe a trip to Europe without describing the amazing food. While some people like the comfort of home, and like to eat the same things when they travel, I love to experience what local people eat when visiting different areas of the world. Our recent trip to Switzerland, Germany and France provided plenty... Continue Reading →

Sacre Couer

An enjoyable area off the beaten path in Paris is the Montmartre district, including the Sacre Couer. The real name of the church is Basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmartre. It's situated on a hill overlooking Paris, and worth the trip for the view itself. But there's more there than the view. The church is... Continue Reading →

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