New Year, New Start

I continue to enjoy sharing experiences with you through this blog, which will celebrate its second birthday next month. I am always honoured by the number of people the blog reaches, and the positive comments I receive to my various posts. I have enjoyed the journey and continue to enjoy the experience of writing. So... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Spirit

There was a time when Christmas, for me, was a lot of work and stress. Don’t get me wrong. There was also a lot of fun. But it seemed the season involved a big buildup of pressure to make everything right. The anxiety included shopping in crowds. There was stress about getting what people liked,... Continue Reading →

The adventure continues

  Our Europe trip is now continuing in Germany, as we left Switzerland via train a couple of days ago. What a wonderful way to travel – watching a beautiful countryside from the comfort of a train. However, the changes we had to make were not as enjoyable as the ride, since we did have... Continue Reading →

Ohhh the food!

  I’m sure people who visit Switzerland all comment on the quality of the food. I’ve done my best to try a few local favourites, to expand my dining horizons while we spend a week in Bern. To start the day, the coffee is outstanding. People who don’t like strong coffee may not be too... Continue Reading →

Learning Bern

Another great aspect of travel is learning about other cultures and meeting new people. While we have not been out in the city too much yet, I have been trying to learn new things about Bern, the area and its people. I learned from one of the volunteers that Bern, the fourth most populous city... Continue Reading →

Walking the city

When I’m traveling, I find that the best way to get to know a city is to walk it. And I love to walk. So this morning I struck out in Berne (or Bern) while Ron did preparations with his team. I decided to follow the path we went our first night, when we walked... Continue Reading →

Love what you do

Have you ever experienced bad customer service, or dealt with someone who is so miserable that you feel like telling them to find a new job? We have all experienced those situations. Everyone has a bad day, but we have all experienced those who are just nasty, who clearly should not be providing customer service.... Continue Reading →

Jigsaw’s life lessons

I have always enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles. Recently, with extra time available for relaxing activities, I have been doing some puzzles. After a couple of 500-piece puzzles, I took on a 1000-piece puzzle. Not an easy task. But as I spent time working through the puzzle, it allowed me some quiet time to think. As... Continue Reading →

Walking, part two

As mentioned in my last post, a love of walking has been re-awakened in me these last few weeks. Daily walks, exploring the area around us, has become a wonderful habit. I have always enjoyed going for a walk. When we used to have a dog, a daily walk - sometimes two - was a necessity.... Continue Reading →

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